Milsim Mercs Presents: The Grizzly Offensive

Milsim Mercs Presents: The Grizzly Offensive

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The Grizzly Offensive

The year is 2037 the Russian/China invasion of the mainland United States has been a success the government has been overthrown. The country has been divided in half giving Russia the east and China the west, implementing a new “one law”. Yet the power struggle continues to contain the American spirit.

Militias and freedom fighters form massive groups consisting of both ex American military and armed civilians to resist the Russo/China “one law”. These groups are highly trained and extremely effective at utilizing guerrilla warfare to exterminate the opposition. From ground, air and sea the Americans resist.

New intel comes across Russian commander Vitov’s desk a large group has been held up training in French Lick, Indiana. They have access to outside NATO support with weapons, ammo, even ground assault vehicles being utilized. Russian forces have been defeated in surrounding counties and the American foothold on southern Indiana is imminent. They call themselves “The 1st Army Resistance force” with capabilities to rival Russian forces within the region.

Commander Vitov prepares a large scale strike force to target the heart of the French Lick training compound and destroy the mysterious commander that has risen to defy the “one law”. Will you join the Russo/China one law to prosper a new American dream? Or will you defy the foreign snakes as a freedom fighter and join the 1st Army Resistance Force? The choice is yours.

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